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14 Reasons Why Chia Seeds Should Be Part of Your Dog’s Daily Diet

chia for dogs
As dog parents become more health conscious, superfoods like chia are making their way from our kitchens and into our dog’s bowls. These tiny seeds pack such a nutritional punch they truly have earned the superfood label. Here are 14 reasons why chia should be part of your dog's diet.

How To Protect Your Dog From Lyme Disease

How To Protect Your Dog From Lyme Disease
Because dogs are the masters of disguise when it comes to pain and illness, you may not notice the signs of lyme disease or you may simply think your dog is having an "off" day. You know your dog best and are her best advocate; if you notice she's not herself, give your vet a call. Before you do that though, check her skin and body thoroughly to see if you notice the telltale bullseye or a rash that could denote a tick bite.