Do Dog Dental Treats Really Work?

Despite how extremely important it is, dog dental hygiene is often neglected when it comes to pet parenthood. In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, we’re back to talk about your pup’s pearly whites! 

It goes without saying that brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to keep your best friend’s teeth and gums healthy at home, but that isn’t always easy or effective enough by itself. Have you ever tried brushing a rowdy, mouthy puppy’s teeth? Or, an anxious senior’s, for that matter. It can sometimes be a lot to ask. So, that begs the question: Do dog dental treats work?

Do Dog Dental Treats Really Work

Dog dental treats and chews can help keep those teeth pearly and white!

Why is dental care so important for dogs?

Poor dental hygiene can have devastating effects on our beloved dogs later in life. Not only can they lose their teeth and have bad breath (stinky kisses) but poor dental health can also lead to liver, heart, and kidney disease. 

Regular yearly cleanings by your veterinarian are important, but taking care of your dog’s teeth at home is equally important for keeping your dog healthy. It could, quite literally, help them live longer.

How well do dog dental chews work?

Not all dog dental treats are created equal, meaning some work better than others - and some don’t work at all. For example, if your dog is crunching the treat in half and swallowing it in 2-seconds, there’s no way it’s cleaning any plaque or tartar off their teeth! 

Dental treats and chews work by scraping plaque and tartar off the teeth while your dog chews on them. So, in order for them to work well, they need to be long-lasting and somewhat abrasive. Some of them also contain enzymes that help prevent it from coming back or things like mint to freshen your dog’s breath.

The benefit of dental chews is proven. Your dog will hopefully have healthier teeth and gums. Research has shown that dental chews reduce oral bacteria in dogs by 60% or more, and that is a good thing! Of course, some treats are better than others and there are a few things to keep in mind when you head to the dog treat aisle in your favorite pet shop.

Things to remember when it comes to dog dental treats

  • Treat in moderation, remember they are still treats! And that means they are an indulgence and your dog shouldn’t be given too many of them. Consider the calories if your pup is watching their waistline.
  • Dental treats and dental chews are meant to supplement your dog’s dental care routine - not to replace regular brushing or dental cleaning by the veterinarian.

What to look for when buying dog dental treats

When it comes to buying dental treats for your dog, use the same care you would take when buying any kind of treats - look for all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce, sourced from a location that you trust, from a company that you know. Einstein Pets is thrilled to announce that we’ve added yummy Dental Sticks to our line of all-natural dog treats! We may be biased, but we think they're some of the best dental chews you can get!

Einstein Pets Dental Sticks

Our Dental Sticks are an irresistible bacon flavor your dog will go bonkers for. More importantly, they’re long-lasting, made with finely ground oyster shells that naturally scrub away plaque and tartar. What’s more, they’re made with only 5 easy-to-digest ingredients, so they won’t upset dogs’ sensitive tummies: 

Sweet Potato, Fine Ground Oyster Shell, Dried Citrus Pulp, Bacon Flavor and Coconut Oil

What to avoid when buying dog dental chews

Proceed with caution when shopping for dental chews that are too hard. They can cause broken teeth and bleeding gums. Also, avoid treats that are too small. If your dog can swallow it without chewing it up, it won’t clean their teeth, and it becomes a choking hazard. Avoid dental chews with artificial ingredients


Dog dental treats and dental chews do have the potential to keep your dog’s plaque and tartar at bay. They are not, however, meant to replace proper dental care or cleanings by your vet. After all, you wouldn’t eat a few chips to replace going to the dentist, would you?

We’re sure your dog will love the brand new Einstein Pets Dental Sticks as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them! Won’t you let us know what you think by dropping a comment below?

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  • What 4 ingredients are in your dental sticks? We love your products but my dogs only like the pumpkin & coconut. I would like to try these but didn’t see what 4 ingredients are in it. Thanks.

    Carole Stajer

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