8 Fun Ways to Tell Your Dog “I Love You”

Dogs are eternally overflowing with love for their people. Even though they can’t say the words - we know they love us and they tell us every day in their own ways. 

So how do we say it back to them in their own language? Here are 8 ways to tell your dog “I love you” in a way they will understand.

8 Fun Ways to Tell Your Dog “I Love You”

1. Baby talk

If someone tells you it’s silly when you baby talk to your dog, you tell them it’s science! Research shows that dogs react positively to the sound of human voices, particularly if they’re high-pitched. 

2. Go on an adventure

Our pups thrive on routine, but a surprise trip out of the house every once in a while is fun for you and for them - as long as it doesn’t involve a trip to the V-E-T, of course! Your adventure could be anything from a car ride around town, a visit to the dog park, or a hiking trip through the woods. You know your dog best - what would they enjoy?

3. Be a better listener

By listening to their body language, that is. Dogs communicate best with a language other than the sounds that come from their mouths! Learn to read what their different facial expressions, tail positions, and body postures mean and you’ll be a better listener. 

hearts on noses

4. Give them a surprise treat

What dog doesn’t go bonkers for delicious tasty treats? Usually, they have to work for their treats, but sometimes, give them yummy snacks just because. Especially for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day! 

If you’re looking for a healthy treat that says, “I love you,” look no further than Einstein Pets dog treats, made with real ingredients like peanut butter, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, coconut, honey, and of course, chia seed. All of the good stuff and none of the yucky stuff - it must be love!

5. Lean on me

Does your dog ever lean against you when you’re relaxing at home? That’s a sign of love and trust. You can mimic this behavior to say “I also love and trust you” right back to your best furry friend and enjoy the physical contact.

6. Ear noogies

The soft spot right behind your dog’s ears is a nerve center that’s packed with feeling receptors. If you scratch gently or massage them there, you’ll actually release endorphins. That’s mother nature’s natural painkiller. Your best friend will definitely feel the love.

Beagle loving gaze

7. Share a loving gaze

Studies have shown that dogs can actually read human emotions through our facial expressions! And if you thought that was cool, you can use your facial expression to communicate emotions to your dog. Researchers in Japan discovered that when dogs feel connected to people, they raise their eyebrows at them - more often the left one. And, you can do the same back at your dog! Raise your left eyebrow and make eye contact to show your pet just how happy you are to see them!

8. Teach them a new trick

Dogs tend to have great appetites - both for food and for learning! Learning a new trick not only keeps your dog's brain sharp, but it builds their confidence. Additionally, it’s one of the very best ways to build the human-animal bond. What’s a better way to say “I love you” than that?

Human signs of love that don’t translate for dogs:

While we’re on the topic, there are a lot of things humans do to show affection to each other, that just do not translate into dog language. Your dog won’t get the message when you:

  • Give hugs: dogs usually feel trapped by hugs. Pay close attention to the body language;
  • Kiss them: some dogs actually think you’re coming in to bite them.

What are some other ways you show your dog you love them? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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