How to Include Your Dog In Easter Celebrations

Bringing your furry friends into the holiday fun is a great way to show them how much you love and appreciate them. With Easter coming up, what better time than now to start planning something special for your pup? From delicious recipes they won’t be able to resist, to decorating eggshells with their name on it - there are so many ways that you can include your canine companion in this year’s Easter celebration! Let's explore some easy-to-follow tips that will make you and your dog feel like part of the festivities.

Create a dog-friendly Easter Egg hunt!

celebrate easter with Einstein Pets treats

Get your pup in the Easter spirit this year with their very own egg hunt! Hide some all-natural Einstein Pets treats around your house – in cupboards, drawers, or even under furniture – and let them sniff out a surprise. To add an extra challenge, put treats inside plastic eggs and hide them around your yard - just make sure that no egg gets left behind and keep a watchful eye on your pup during the search. Our delicious all-natural ingredients are sure to make their hunt irresistible and provide pawfuls of healthy, tail-wagging fun!

Set up an Easter photoshoot with your pup!

This Easter, why not break out the camera and have an adorable photoshoot of your pup dressed up in their favorite festive outfit? Show off their cute pastel-colored collars and bunny ears as they pose against a backdrop of blooming spring flowers. Think flowers, tiny carrots, bright colors, bows, and frilly hems – everyone on social media will be commenting about how much their cuteness levels have gone through the roof! Plus you can capture all these special moments for years to come with fun snapshots that make you smile each time you look at them. So grab your camera and get ready for this Easter photoshoot – it's gonna be epic!

Create homemade Easter dog toys!

Get your pup into the Easter spirit with a few homemade dog toys! Whether your pup loves a good game of tug-of-war or prefers a chewable toy, homemade toys can be the perfect addition to any pet's Easter basket! Woven braided ropes are great for games of tug and you could even put a few treats inside to make it extra enticing. Or if your pup goes more for chewable toys, try crafting a carrot out of rope, felt, and stuffing. Just remember that safety should be top priority - only use pet-safe materials and make sure any knots or stitches are tight enough for durability. With some time and care, you can give your pup an Easter surprise that’s sure to have tails wagging!

Have a special springtime walk to explore new parks or trails!

Spring is a great time to get the family and Fido together for an outdoor adventure! Everyone can take some time out of their day to explore all the amazing parks and trails that may be close by, places they haven't been before, and discover some new magical sights. We all know how much our furry friends love going outside and stretching their legs, so why not make this special spring walk one they won't forget? With all the sunny days, beautiful flowers, and fresh spring air, there's no better opportunity to do something joyful with your pup. Let's get out there and start exploring!

Show extra love this holiday - give your pup extra cuddles, belly rubs, and tons of treats!

This Easter season, show your pup how much you love them by giving them extra cuddles, belly rubs, and of course, the delicious all-natural dog treats from Einstein Pets! Dogs give us unconditional love, so this is the perfect time to show them a bit of extra love and affection. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your furry friend as you enjoy the holiday decorations and cheer. Plus, our treats are made with simple, natural ingredients packed full of nutrients for their health. So this season, express your gratitude for having them in your life with extra pampering and delectable treats from Einstein Pets!

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to plan out a festive day for your pup! From hiding treats around the house to setting up an Easter photoshoot to making homemade dog toys and taking them on special walks, there are plenty of ways to make sure your pup feels extra special this spring holiday to create memories that will last a lifetime. So grab those treat bags and have fun celebrating with your furry best friend this Easter – they deserve it!

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