How To Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Whether you own dogs, cats, rats, reptiles, birds, bunnies or any other pet it's up to you to be a responsible pet owner. February has been designated Responsible Pet Owner Month, everyone who shares his or her life with a pet knows the responsibility for a pet is year-round. 

It was our love of our dog, Abbey, that prompted us to start Einstein Pets; we wanted her to be happy, healthy and to eat treats that were delicious, healthy and made in the USA. 

How To Be A Responsible Pet Owner 

We're sure you understand how to be a responsible pet owner, but if you're a first time pet parent you will benefit from these tips. If you're a long time pet parent you may read something that sparks your imagination and your pet will benefit! 

Annual vet visits. Your dog won't want to go to the vet for an annual check-up, but as his pet parent, you understand the importance. At the annual check-up your vet will check your dog's teeth, weight and overall health; it's all part of responsible pet ownership. 

Socialization. Even if your dog is an "only child" it is important for her to be introduced to other dogs and people. Meeting other dogs and people while on a walk is a great way to socialize your dog. A dog who spends her time alone, at home, or who is only exposed to immediate family may be fearful of strangers and other dogs.

You don't have to take your dog to a dog park or a doggie day care to socialize her. Introducing her to another family member's pet or stopping to visit with other dogs while you're out walking will help her socialization skills. 

Exercise designed as fun! Dogs love to run, frolic, learn tricks and play fetch. Even senior dogs enjoy a walk or a fun game of tug-of-war. To keep your dog happy and healthy -- even if he is a couch potato -- involves taking walks, playing fetch or other activities your dog enjoys that work his body and mind. 

Healthy food and treats. We know some of our pet parent friends feed their dogs table scraps; we also know table scraps are not healthy for our dogs. It is hard to ignore those "puppy dog eyes" when you're eating dinner, but you need to if you don't want your dog to get overweight. Many "people" foods are unhealthy for our dogs and that's why it's best to feed your dog a healthy food (ask your vet if you're not sure what food to feed your dog or puppy).

When you give your dog treats, whether during training or just because you want to give your dog a treat, choose treats full of healthy ingredients, made in the USA and 100% natural (yes, our treats are all of that and more -- they contain healthy chia seeds, too).   

Quiet, quality time. Our dogs love quiet time to just sit with us, lay their heads in our laps and let us scratch them behind the ears or to rub their bellies. When you pet your dog, your stress will float away and your blood pressure may even drop. Our dogs look to us for their lifetime love and care and they are just as happy lying around doing nothing as they are when they're on a walk. 

What is your favorite part about being a pet parent? 



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