How To Keep Your Dog Fit And Healthy For A Lifetime

March is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes in pets appears to be on the increase; it is a disease that a pet parent can manage, but wouldn't it be best if your pet never received the diagnosis?

Some of the reasons for diabetes in dogs include: 

  • Our pets aren't getting enough exercise
  • Our pets are getting fed too much food and they're overweight 
  • Our pets are eating food and treats that are not healthy for them

Even if you have a dog who is a couch potato or a dog who is "too old" for walks and exercise, it's a good bet that even an "old, couch potato dog" would love a walk in the yard. 

How To Keep Your Dog Fit And Healthyhappy healthy dog

Common sense and a good diet can keep a pet parent healthy and the same is true for keeping your dog fit and healthy for a lifetime. 

Here are some tips to keep your beloved pup healthy: 

  1. Have a check-up at your veterinarian's office to assure yourself that your dog is healthy. The annual check-up is a great baseline for a healthy pet. 
  2. Feed your dog the correct amount of food. If you do have a senior dog, chances are she doesn't need to eat as much food as she did when she was younger and more active. Adjust the food accordingly. If you aren't certain how much your dog should eat, ask your veterinarian. 
  3. Give your dog daily exercise. As mentioned, even a senior dog will love a walk. You may not be able to go for miles and you will want to be in tune to his body language, but a few short walks around the yard will do you both good. Walking with your dog is an ideal way to bond with him, too. Dogs, no matter their age, love to sniff the outdoor aromas and maybe even roll in the grass. 
  4. Treats are not off limits, but you need to buy healthy treats for your dog. Look for treats that contain human grade ingredients, and are protein packed. Our treats also contain powerful Chia seeds. If you're not aware, Chia seeds boost flavor, have fiber to aid in digestion. Chia seeds contain more calcium per ounce than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries and 8x more Omega-3 Fatty Acids than wild salmon. Chia Seed can slow digestion, helping with blood sugar regulation as well as tolerance of glucose in your pup’s body. These benefits can help your dog to lose weight and assist with blood sugar levels if diabetic.
  5. Entertain his brain. A dog who is entertained and engaged is a dog who will be happier if he's left home alone. Buy some dog puzzle food toys or snuffle mats. These will keep him entertained and offer up treats. NOTE: Buy a bag of our treats, break the treats into small pieces and hide them in the puzzle toy. Make certain your dog has toys to play with like his favorite stuffed toy or a ball or two; don't forget to schedule "play time" into your daily routine with your dog. 

As pet parents we are in tune with our dog's moods and his physical health. Our dogs look to us to keep them happy and healthy for a lifetime. Why not start today! 


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